I’m listening to Michael Jackson Radio on TuneIn. #RealRadio

This station is broadcasting from Paris, France and I love it! But is is a disgrace that there is no 24/7 MJ station like this one right here in the USA where he was born.

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Arthur Smith, Musician Who Wrote ‘Dueling Banjos,’ Dies at 93

What bluegrass song written in 1955 topped the Billboard charts in 1973?


NY Times Obituary by Daniel Slotnick April 8, 2014 

Arthur Smith, a country musician known for the hit “Guitar Boogie” and for “Feuding Banjos,” a bluegrass tune that became “Dueling Banjos” in the film “Deliverance,” died on Thursday at his home in Charlotte, N.C. He was 93.

His death was confirmed by his son Clay.

A nimble guitarist and banjo-player, Mr. Smith was a…

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Have A Blessed Memorial Day!

"Alley Cat" Performed By Bent Fabric (1962)

http://wp.me/pADZB-2n8 Pharrell is not the only one with “Happy” Songs. Check this out.



#2 AC, #7 Pop, #1 Austrailia :-)

I heard this song song on Muzak somewhere last week and it is stuck in my head. Finally had time to post about it today, since it fits in right with my intrumental Theme.

It is amazing how this tune sticks with you even though there are no words to sing. I just keep humming the melody…

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Happy 71st Birthday Christopher Walken!

Happy 71st Birthday Christopher Walken!

Many happy returns of this day to Christopher Walken — born March 31, 1943!

I love watching him dance in the “Weapon of Choice” video …don’t you?








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 Jimi Hendrix Signing Autographs

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Bela Farkas, the little boy whose life Jackson saved in 1994:

The young man in the pics is Bela Farkas who was the little boy who Jackson met in 1994 in Budapest while visiting a hospital. It’s the first time he’s ever given an interview. In 1994 Bela was an orphan in need of a liver transplant but at the time no such operation was performed in Hungary and it was very expensive abroad. When Bela was born his parents left him, so he had no hope to get the money. When Michael visited the hospital he asked the doctors why the boy was so thin and yellow and they explained what had happened to him. He immediately said that he would pay for the operation and the treatment. Not only would Jackson go on to pay for the operation, but also all the treatment that was needed after that and he continued to send Bela gifts too. Shortly after his operation Bela was adopted, so he grew up with loving parents. When Michael went to Hungary for the HIStory tour, he met Bela again. The boy then told him: “It as if you are my father.” Michael laughed and told him: “Then you are my son.” They remained in contact until Jackson’s death. Michael would send him cards, gifts for his birthday, for Christmas and Bela sent him drawings and photos and updates on his life. When Michael died Bela cried as if he had lost a father. He is 24 now and has just become the father of a healthy girl. He says the doctors predicted he would not live past his 18th birthday and here he is at 24 still doing well. He is forever grateful to Jackson and is sure he’s in Heaven now.

Just more proof of the beautiful soul of Michael Jackson. R.I.P. MJ.

Comments are *FINALLY* Working!
It took me over a year but I found the error in my blog and comments are finally working.
.So stop in by oldschoolmusiclover.com when you can to chat.

Comments are *FINALLY* Working!

It took me over a year but I found the error in my blog and comments are finally working.

.So stop in by oldschoolmusiclover.com when you can to chat.

Charles D. Love Jr. R.I.P.

Charles D. Love Jr. R.I.P.



KANSAS CITY – It’s with a heavy heart we report that Charles Love, one of the founding members of the legendary R&B group Bloodstone, passed away on Thursday. According to close family friend and manager Lewis Garrett, Love died from complications of pneumonia…

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Happy 57th Birthday Marlon Jackson!

Happy 57th Birthday Marlon Jackson!


I grew up as a Jackie Jackson and Jermaine Jackson fan girl when it came to the J5. Marlon was a few years younger than me and the teenaged me wanted a real man. (LOL) But once I saw and heard Marlon singing “Body,” in the video of the same name, I actually noticed him.


Next thing I knew Marlon, like his brothers Michael,Jermaine and…

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